Edwardo's Garage - Remote Sales Associate

Location: Remote

About Edwardo's Garage: Edwardo's Garage is an innovative startup aiming to redefine the automotive service industry through a symbiotic blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence. We stand at the intersection of tradition and technology, committed to offering unparalleled vehicle care while paving the way for ethical AI application in the automotive sector.

Position Overview: As a Remote Sales Associate, you will be the driving force behind our customer acquisition and satisfaction efforts. Your primary responsibility will be to connect with potential clients, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions that Edwardo's Garage provides.

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How to Apply: Fill our our online application by clicking HERE [ https://forms.gle/b5RP6hKEP5Jbq6Ss8 ]. Tell us how you envision contributing to our mission and how you see yourself growing with us.